Nestle ice cream campaign 

Samsung galaxy note project
I created 20 drawings in real time for note my status competition, using only the basic smart-phone features. No Photoshop or other graphic Programs were used

crunch cereal packages
The advertising agency, McCann Erickson, came up with the idea of a comic's page for the crunch packages and I had a lot of fun illustrating it. 
I also designed the acoustic walls of a movie theater.
After getting the constructors plans I had to place the characters and text balloons in certain
places to avoid the speakers, light bulbs and exit signs
Mosaic walls
for factory 54 chain stores
a small part of the mosaic walls in the process
An illustrated wall for a youth center in Herzelia city
Celebrating 25 years of "ZBANG" weekly comics strip


  1. ווואוווו !!
    נימי !!!
    לא ידעתי שעשית את כל הדברים המהממים הללו !
    הפסיפס- זה מטורף !
    והגלידות- אתה גם ציירת את כל הפירות ככה בריאליסט ?? אני מעריצה מחדש !

  2. The Nestle really nice,
    At least they bring you ice cream for life:)

  3. The mosaic wall is a masterpiece! well done